Case Studies


VoxMedia Voice Mail

Here at VoxMedia, we’ve built a voice mail system that really rocks!  We use speech recognition and creative audio production to engage callers in an enhanced experience where they can request contact information and a description of our services, in addition to leaving voice mail. 

We aimed for effortless usability in our voice user-interface design.  We wanted to create caller experiences that leave positive impressions of VoxMedia and reinforce our brand image.  We used creative audio production—music, sound effects, and pacing—to help create that brand image, while at the same time providing non-verbal user-interface navigation aids. 

We selected and edited audio elements to produce a distinct “sound and feel” for each functional area of the application and to support the overall theme.  We directed the voice actor’s performance in two prompt recording sessions and mixed the various audio components during post-production to yield the final prompts.  In our usability testing, we evaluated the application’s effectiveness in conveying VoxMedia’s brand—callers’ impressions of us—in addition to gauging how easy and intuitive it is to use.

Here’s a real call.  What do you think?  


VoxMedia Voice Mail Example Call