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Speech Application Services

Voice automation technologies are fast becoming mainstream workhorses for interactive voice response (IVR), in-vehicle information systems, and mobile devices. More and more ordinary people are using them to get things done every day.

These technologies are enabling contact centers to realize significant, ongoing cost savings, while improving service by offering callers self-service options and eliminating time spent on hold.

They are also providing simple hands-free interactions in vehicles and with mobile devices. 

Through our technical and business consulting services, we work with clients to determine if, where, and how voice technologies can benefit them. Then we help make it happen.

Our independent, vendor-neutral perspective and extensive real-world experience — from business case analysis to post-deployment tuning, from RFP's to application code — means we know where these technologies make sense and where they don’t, how to make them work, and where the pitfalls lie. We’ve completed many successful projects in financial services, automotive, telecom, health care, and travel, among others.

Recent clients have included American Express, Ford Motor Company, Merrill Lynch, Tellme Networks (a subsidiary of Microsoft), and USAA.

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